Sobre Samsung en Vanity Fair

El blog Patently Apple comenta y cita el artículo publicado por Vanity Fair sobre Samsung.

Baxter who once represented Ericsson stated that Ericsson “couldn’t lie if their lives depended on it. On the flipside, Baxter also represented Samsung and noted that “they couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.”


Y la mejor:

Curious about what had been happening in the plant as they cooled their heels outside, the officials seized video from internal security cameras. What they saw was almost beyond belief.

Upon getting word that investigators were outside, employees at the plant began destroying documents and switching computers, replacing the ones that were being used—and might have damaging material on them—with others.

A year later, Korean newspapers reported that the government had fined Samsung for obstructing the investigation at the facility. At the time, a legal team representing Apple was in Seoul to take depositions in the Samsung case, and they read about the standoff. From what they heard, one of the Samsung employees there had even swallowed documents before the investigators were allowed in. That certainly didn’t bode well for Apple’s case; how, the Apple lawyers said half-jokingly among themselves, could they possibly compete in a legal forum with employees who were so loyal to the company that they were willing to eat incriminating evidence?

Sí, sí, no temas por tu inglés. Lo has entendido correctamente. Los de Samsung bloquean en la puerta a unos inspectores gubernamentales mientras destruyen documentos, cambian sus ordenadores por otros y ALGUNO HASTA SE TRAGA DOCUMENTOS.

Realmente no puedo esperar a sacar de mi casa la TV y la impresora Samsung. Empezaré a ahorrar.